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Dr. Rocky Oakes

All my life I have felt a special bond with animals and have loved learning about them. However, my decision to become a veterinarian hinged on the ability to help people by caring for their animals. Each animal I see has a person. When I was an undergraduate student at Mars Hill College, I thought I was headed to medical school to become a physician. During my senior year, I worked in a human medical center. This experience changed my mind. I did not see many connections made with patients. Instead of building relationships, the doctors were burdened with mountains of paperwork. It just wasn’t a good experience for me. After considerable thought, prayer and discussion with friends and family, I went back to my childhood vision of a job working with animals. I took a job at an animal hospital and loved it. It was clear that in this way I could help people by caring for their animals.

I went on to attend veterinary school at NC State where I met my wife, Jessica. Together we were able to do some mission work in the Navajo Reservation as well as in Mongolia. These missions further proved how much helping animals could impact people. After graduating in 2009, we gained some wonderful experience working together in northeast Georgia at Rabun Animal Hospital. There customer service and quality medicine was a major focus. In 2015, my wife and I with our two children, decided to move to the area to be closer to her family in Mount Airy. Jessica and I decided to open Oakes Animal Hospital so we could provide exceptional veterinary care with a personal touch for folks in and around Winston Salem. I hope that after each visit to Oakes Animal Hospital you leave feeling that we made thoughtful and caring decisions for the wellness and treatment of your pet. My goal is that you always receive quality care.

Dr. Jessica Oakes

When I was young, I remember one of my absolute favorite shows was Marty Stouffer’s Wild America. I remember sitting in front of the television, eyes glued to the screen, taking in every detail. I have always found animals fascinating. I had the privilege of growing up with quite a few; from my first horse Apple Jack, to my beloved little dog Chig, each animal along the way has shaped me into the veterinarian I am today.

While an undergraduate at Wingate University, I was able to work as an assistant at a veterinary clinic. It was there that I fell in love with the profession. What a fun and challenging job. Now, each day I know I will be privileged to care for some amazing pets. I love hearing their stories- how they were found or what crazy thing they have done. I also love the challenge of caring for them. Veterinary medicine is constantly changing. There are always new ideas and techniques that can help us find solutions to those difficult cases. I always try to remember what it has been like for myself as a pet owner, and my hope is that I treat every client how I would want to be treated.

My husband and I met in vet school. I guess you could say he swept me off my feet because by the start of our 3rd year of veterinary school we were married. In 2009, we graduated and went to work together at a bustling rural practice in northeast Georgia. We had a great experience there and are better veterinarians for it. Rocky and I currently live in Mount Airy with our two children, Isaac and Anna and of course lots of pets. I am blessed to have a husband who is so caring- not just for his family but for the clients and pets he sees on a daily basis. This new animal hospital came from a tremendous amount of thoughtfulness and dedication on his part.